Zoom tips and shortcuts we use every day that will not only unlock hidden features but help you speed up your meetings.

As a now 100% remote company with our team spread all across the globe our Monday and Friday huddles and daily meetings moved to video chat. We found Zoom to be our platform of choice. We have found some hidden settings, integrated platforms and shortcuts to level up even the pro Zoom user.

Hidden Zoom Tips and Settings

  • Automatically mute your mic

    Enter your meetings silently without bringing in abrupt noise.
    Access Audio Settings directly from a Zoom call by clicking the arrow next to the microphone.

Then select Mute microphone when joining a meeting“.

how to adjust your audio settings in zoom

Then select Mute microphone when joining a meeting“.

how to mute your mic when joining a zoom call
  • Touch up your appearance

Sometimes we just need a little touch up when that surprise spot appears on presentation day. Zoom has a built-in airbrush.

Access Video Settings directly from a Zoom call by clicking the arrow next to the Camera.

how to change your zoom video settings

Then select Touch up my appearance“. Use the slider to set the intensity.

How to touch up your appearance in zoom.
Adjust for low light

When the clouds cut out your source of natural light or your indoor lighting just does not cut it, Zoom has a feature to adjust the brightness of your video in low light conditions.

In Video Settings, select Adjust for low light“. We find auto works perfectly but there is a manual mode where you can use the slider to set the intensity.

How to adjust for low light settings in zoom
Zoom filters

We are not talking about the fun eyepatch or sunglasses (as fun as they are), rather the top row of colour filters. These help correct the colour of your video should you be in a room with bright pink walls.

Select “Choose Video Filter” directly from a Zoom call by clicking the arrow next to the camera.

How to apply a zoom filter

Choose a filter that helps colour correct your space, we find the first one to the right of none does a great job.

Zoom Filters

Zoom Integration

  • Krisp

    Krisp is a mighty noise cancellation tool. Give yourself the freedom to work outside in the sunshine, even if you live next to a race track.

    Open Krisp from your app tray and toggle on the “Remove Noise” feature. This will remove your background noise.

Krisp Interface

You can even remove the noise in the background of the other participants in a Zoom call, even if they don’t have Krisp installed. WHAT?!

Krisp interface

Zoom Shortcuts

We are all a little mad about shortcuts and time savers so we’ve put them here to satisfy your shortcuts fix.

  1. Mute audio
    Use ⌘Cmd+Shift+A (PC: Alt+A) to mute/unmute your audio
  2. Quick Invite
    When you’re in a meeting, type ⌘Cmd+I (PC: Alt+I) to open the Invite window.
  3. Turn off video
    To quickly turn video off/on, hit ⌘Cmd+Shift+V (PC: Alt+V).
  4. Mute Everyone
    We found this trick where the meeting host can hit ⌘Cmd+Ctrl+M (PC: Alt+M) to mute everyone on the call at once.
  5. Share Screen
    To start a screen share, type ⌘Cmd+Shift+S (PC: Alt+Shift+S). To pause/resume a screen share, type ⌘Cmd+Shift+T (PC: Alt+T).
  6. Record Meeting
    Just type ⌘Cmd+Shift+R (PC: Alt+R) to start recording any meeting.
    Type ⌘Cmd+Shift+P (PC: Alt+P) to pause/resume recording.


I hope you found these Zoom tips and shortcuts useful and if you want to take your online presentation game further, Missing Link’s Academy can level up your online meetings, presentations and events!

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