Nooo we won’t end it there and leave you drifting aimlessly in the vast cosmos of AI tools. It’s daunting to go and find what tool works best and how the heck to use it properly. Trust me, I’ve been there, spending all my time exploring that rabbit hole so you can steer clear of it.

The AI train is quickly leaving the station, and with it, everyone who didn’t buy a ticket. Trust me, that train won’t be coming back around again. You’ve gotta hop on! We’ve got a ticket for you. But let’s first have a squiz at the realm of presentations.


Effective presentations are defined as having the ability to deliver a message, to evoke an emotion, to achieve a desired result. After 27 years of arming folks and teams with the tools and knack for it, I can tell you, most presentations out there these days don’t even come close to fitting that description.

Majority of presentations are simply, just straight crappy. Some folks just haven’t been taught, or maybe they don’t grasp the mighty sway a presentation carries. But let me tell you, a crappy presentation is a big hit you don’t want to take lightly.

When you fail to deliver an effective presentation, it’s not just a flop; it means the action, the action that will achieve your desperately desired results, is a no-show.

The cost of that inaction is a mighty one you don’t want to pay.

We believe Presentations are Written first, then Designed and then Delivered. This is one of the fundamental principles of building an effective presentation, that most people are ignorant to – deffs have a look into our Boredom Slayers training to master the art of writing, designing, and delivering a dynamite presentation. And for those with trust issues, you can give Boredom Slayers Taster a spin instead- we’ve got you covered! 😉

But, if you feel like you are confident enough to tackle write, design, and deliver yourself then those are the three areas we believe AI can help you kick some ass. Not do the whole thing for you though…

dont be lazy gif

You need to stop being lazy and think that AI can just do everything for you. However, you also can’t just be like the smart people that think they can do everything themselves. Both are falling behind. You need the perfect blend.

You need to be the smart-lazy person.

To help you with that, let’s cut through the haze around AI. Is it the all-powerful Artificial Intelligence, ruling algorithms like an autonomous overlord, or the trusty intern of the digital workspace, a.k.a Augmented Intelligence?

Which are tools designed to augment human capabilities, rather than replace them. Augmented Intelligence systems are designed to work in collaboration with humans, not independently of them.”

Imagine AI as the fresh-faced intern, not here to steal the spotlight but rather your nimble sidekick, tackling the everyday grind.

You, my friend, don the architect’s hat. Augmented Intelligence is the ally, amping up human abilities without stealing the show.

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Like we said, we don’t want to just leave you to drown in the sea of options as you search for those AI assistants. That’s why we curated a treasure trove of tips, tricks, and tools – our Presentation Using AI course. No black holes of exploration here; just the best of the best to make your presentations faster, better, and smarter.

Don’t forget, AI isn’t just a fun fad; it’s not even the future – it’s the present. Embracing it is a key move to stay current and captivating in a world where some are clinging to the outdated and boring.

To summarise: