We get it! You need to be courteous and professional during your meetings. Do you really though?

We’ll answer that in a sec. But first! Now that 2023 has come to it’s end, we can do a tad bit of reflection upon what has happened this passed year. The most important question is:


Did the strategies and methodologies you put into action lead you precisely to your desired destination? Did you hit the bullseye? 2023 was hard as shit for everyone, so it’s good chance you missed that bullseye. How much do you think that cost you?

Is it worth risking that cost again for 2024? HELL NO MOFO! You need to be better. You need to level your shit up.


That’s a good question. We recommend that in your first meeting of the new year… drop a swear word. Here’s a list of em:


But why?

At Missing Link, our fearless leader Rich Mulholland has taught the staff to swear strategically. The art of strategic swearing in meetings as a surprisingly effective tool for smashing through barriers and forging genuine connections.

It works for Rich. It works for us. It will work for you.

The theory is simple – the more senior executives are, the more likely they are to swear in meetings when they are comfortable. Chances are when you meet them for the first time, they will act all professional. This however, is not about being vulgar; it’s about injecting a dose of realness into the meeting room.

We suggest leading “shit” instead of “f*ck” as the first word. But you need to say it under your breathe. Drop it in a sentence like this:

“The traffic today was shiiiit”.

Do it under your breathe because you can basically get away with saying anything under your breathe, because you’re kinda acknowledging it’s naughty and you shouldn’t be doing it.

Then the same thing always happens. The people in the rooms swear-o-meter goes off. Either they glance at the guy in the room with the most influence – which is the indicator to not continue swearing. OR, what happens most often, they see your “shit” and raise you a “f*ck”. They start swearing like sailors!

You make them so much more comfortable in their own space it’s a million times easier to build up a genuine relationship.


That’s one way to change things up and get the ball rolling next year. You could also enroll in our rad AF online courses that are designed to challenge the old and failed way of doing things and embed action driving and result achieving methodologies in your businesses DNA. But that’s up to you and your free will.

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