If action followed knowledge, we’d all have six packs. We all know how to get those ironing board abs, yet majority are sitting a little heavy right? This is because execution is just as vital as knowledge.

That begs the question: What hinders execution the most?

Urgent is the enemy of important

Picture a farmer tending his crop. Suddenly a tornado is unleashed and he urgently has to rush away, leaving behind the harvesting of his crop- which were vitally important. So is it with your business. Urgent emails or meetings are dragging you away from executing the important things. What’s the solution here?

We need a system of execution that will withstand a whirlwind!

That’s where the 4 Disciplines OF Execution by Chris McChesney, Jim Huling, and Sean Covey comes in. A book that covers four core disciplines that will enable effective execution in your business now.

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Number one is to focus on your W.I.G. or your Wildly Important Goals. The way this point is illustrated in the book is brilliant. If you were an air traffic controller, and there are a number of planes in the air radioing you that they are coming in soon. BUT, one says “commencing final approach”. What is the most important thing to do in that moment?

To land that plane commencing its final approach. That is why you must establish what your W.I.G. is and focus on executing that!

Now how dos one establish their W.I.G.? That takes us to discipline number TWO!

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Number two is to Measure Lead Behavior’s. Now, what do business’s usually look at to measure if they are healthy or not? Sales right? The first thing we would look at there is to see how many sales we have made. This is what the book labels a “lagging” indicator because it is showing us what has already happened.

We need “Leading indicators”. Measurements that tell us about the future. About what is happening going forward. To stick with the sales example, that would be “how many clients are we seeing” or “how many emails are being sent and phone call being made”.

Measure what matters. Actions are a better indicator than outputs.

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Onto number three! Put Up A Scoreboard. These kinds of scoreboards keep reminding people where they are headed to. Think about those money raising scales that showed people how close they were to reaching the desired goal. Why do we need this:

People play differently when they know the score

According to the book, the kind of scoreboard you want to set up looks something like this:

scoreboard image

Measure up against your W.I.G. and put points in your Lead and Lag indicators. You need to keep score, otherwise you’re just practicing.

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Our fourth and final discipline is to Schedule Weekly Accountability Talks. You need to get you and your team in a place where they share their ideas in a way that scares them into getting it done. Get people to commit in front of everyone to doing something. Do this regularly and everyone will hold each other accountable.

There you have it, the four disciplines of execution that you can implement today to see a major improvement in you and your teams execution. PLUS! There is no better way than to implement this plan than delivering this as a powerful and action driving talk.

Use our free Atomic Talks tool that gives you a fee rehearsal slide deck and coaching video. Deliver the talk to your team and begin your excellent execution!