In the words of Richard Mulholland,

Public speaking is the last bastion to authentic connection and authority.

  • Your voice can be faked
  • Your writing can be faked
  • Your image can be faked (in pics and vids)

All using technology that has really just been broadly available in the last 12 months. The one place where your authority can not be faked is when you are standing on a stage, in front of a group of humans. Stages exist at the perfect intersection of Authority and Authenticity.

Seeing is believing.

Knowing how to structure a good talk and how to design a presentation that won’t bore your audience to death are indispensable skills that will help you professionally and personally.

The thing is, in our experience very few people know how to do either of these. Which is why we have a plethora

plethora gif

…we have a number of resources to guide you in:


Once you’ve nailed down your topic, polished your talk title, and established the basic structure of your presentation, a significant barrier for many is figuring out how to create an effective PowerPoint deck. Many people become overwhelmed by the intricacies of PowerPoint, hindering their progress.

That’s why we’ve developed our free PowerPoint 101 online course (for legends).

It literally costs NOTHING, yet it impacts EVERYTHING.

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This course provides you with the fundamentals of working in PowerPoint, guiding you on crafting well-designed slides and structuring content effectively.

Check it out by clicking the pic above to find out more and invest in your future self.

Don’t get left behind.
Make yourself an option.
Make yourself relevant.