We could leave it there honestly, but we won’t!

The majority of people, when they hear the word “presentation,” get transported to a boardroom (more like the BOREDroom) where a dude with the most monotone voice in the history of the world is showing off his last-minute, bullet point-packed PowerPoint.

And everyone in the audience is fighting intrusive thoughts to either take revenge for the torture this man is unleashing upon them or make a break for the nearest open window…

intrusive thoughts

It’s so far from the truth folks!

A presentation is a pivotal make-or-break moment in the history of a business. Either it perpetuates the crap-show or it stands as the catalyst igniting the action that achieves the deeply desired result.

The stakes could never be higher!

Let’s have a looksee at just three of the irrevocable truths about presentations in 2024:

Presentations are happening all the time; in your sales meetings, client calls, coffee-catch-ups and those formal year-end slide decks (obviously). What’s not so obvious is that they’re either building your business or breaking it down one slide at a time.

As of April 1st, 2023, an astonishing 30 million presentations are taking place daily across the globe. That’s a ton of the world’s time being poured into presentations daily.

We’re asking the wrong question actually. The crucial question for 2024 isn’t about the relevance of presentations but rather the relevance of your skills in delivering impactful presentations

Number 2

Bad presentations/presenters cost you (lots of) money.

For example, poor presentation immediately drags out the purchasing decision cycle. It forces clients to request more information (if they’re not entirely put off) and ultimately makes for a smaller sale if there’s a sale at all.

number 3

In 2024, everyone is a presenter.

Whether you’re pitching to investors, engaging with clients, or simply networking over coffee, your ability to deliver a compelling presentation sets you apart. But here’s the catch: charisma will only take you so far. True presentation prowess comes from training and mastery of the craft.

Simple truths.

No matter what happens or changes in the world, humans will always have something in their brain with communication serving as the conduit. If it is not clear, precise and effective it is just noise. You might as well be one of those Hadeda’s screaming outside my window every morning (South African problemz).

So remember, success depends on how well you present. You have to deliver a message to achieve a result. The right presentation, and we’re talking about the kind that wins more than just a round of applause, is the kind that follows a framework that drives action.

Cue Boredom Slayers.