In the ever-changing world of business, the quest for growth is relentless. But let’s face it, relying solely on traditional marketing might not cut it anymore.

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Think about it – the one of the big successes of the last decade didn’t just follow the traditional marketing playbook; they hacked their way to the top. The real question is, is your business ready to make that bold shift?

We essentially want you to introduce your team to the concept of Growth Hacking. A concept explored in the book Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown.

You can go read the book… but will your team read it? Probably not.

We crafted a coaching video for a crash course in growth hacking. Practice that and use the free slide deck to arm yourself with those game-changing insights and drop them on your team. Plant the seeds of growth hacking in their minds, grab some popcorn (sour cream and chives obvs), and watch the chain reaction begin.

What will your team takeaway from this:

  1. We will offer a new lense on customer acquisition.
  2. Get your customers to do the work for you.
  3. Incremental growth is not enough

Ways this will move the needle in your business:

  1. This talk will create interesting discussions around how you can hack growth in your market. 
  2. There’s so much to learn in this space, opening your team’s eyes to this will be taking off the blindfold to many new opportunities to grow.

Free coaching vid and slide deck all out now. Get practicing and start the growth hacking today peeps!