The time has come, it is finally May!! Which for us means Missing Link Mayhem specials!

In May, elections are dominating our attention with countless political posters and speeches bombarding us. South Africans are familiar with this cycle: leaders make promises, but action often falls short over the following years. Which is why, as your favorite friendly neighborhood persuasive communications company, we are calling this shit out. 

To deliver a message, to evoke an emotion, to achieve a result.

If your communication fails to do those things, all you are really doing is making a noise. An annoying AF noise at that.

We’re gatvol of all the noise! You should be too! However, our 27 years of XP has shown us that this noise is also coming from your boardrooms, sales pitches, crucial conversations, and conferences – All the places you need to be effectively communicating!

Here are the details for our LIMITED (to the end of May) offers to ensure you stop the noise and start the communication.

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Our track record allows us to be cocky 😜…so there’s a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE included.

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