Would you blame your pan if you cooked a bad meal? No!

You don’t pick up a sword and try hammer in a nail right? And then say, “wow, shit tool”. We’re not crazy people!

Can we please collectively as a human race agree then to stop doing this with PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is not:

  1. A human torture device
  2. A gun. Stop loading it with so many bloody bullet points!
  3. The thing you blame when you deliver a shit presentation

There is no such thing as “Death by PowerPoint” as the onus lies with the presenter and their ability to effectively and relevantly use the tool.

Finally, the most important thing that PowerPoint is not, and let’s say this one together folks!

The presentation itself…

…because it is simply the medium through which you convey your message.

And there are many other mediums, such as Prezi, Google Slides, and Keynote. PPt kicks all their butts still – if you know how to use it of course, but you have literally zero reason not to as we have made a FREE PPT course right here.

You’re the freaking presentation!

In autopsy reports of most (if not all) failed presentations, the cause of death IS NOT PowerPoint. It’s the presenter, armed with either a bad narrative or a boring delivery.

A good presenter knows that a presentation is always written before it’s design, and before it’s delivered. That’s why your narrative must be on point before anything else! A sharp narrative with quality content, a solid structure, that hits all the right storytelling beats can captivate an audience far more effectively than pretty slides. 

a great narrative with bad slides will beat a bad narrative with great slides every day of the week”

Narrative is simply more important than the choice of software.

Then you choose your tool (pick PPT) to build your slides that will enhance your presentation and finally, your delivery of said presentation. Which is not just pointing at your slides and reading your bullet points!

The delivery of your narrative is where it all comes to life, now you can fumble the ball right at the end by speaking in a monotonous voice and staring at your slides instead of the audience (I know I know they can be scary sometimes) you can be assured that you will have lost them. Think of it like a three-legged bar stool. . . one leg is the narrative the second leg is your slides and the third leg is your delivery, you need all three to have a solid seat.

For the last quarter century, we have given leaders and their teams the secret sauce to remarkable and effective presentations through our Boredom Slayers training. From the writing stage all the way to the delivery.

If that’s too big a commitment, we have made a little taster for you. It’s the easiest first step to ensuring you never have a failed presentation again.